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Divine Encounters @ Marketplace (Volume 1)
Divine Encounters @ Marketplace (Volume 1)
Divine Encounters @ Marketplace (Volume 1)
Ebook317 pages3 hours

Divine Encounters @ Marketplace (Volume 1)

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About this ebook

When we rely on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, we shall see what God can do mightily beyond our imagination.

God has led him, a big sinner saved by His grace, to journal this book titled "Divine Encounters @ Marketplace", epitomes the miracles of Chr1st, nations, marketplace, people and life-on-life over 41 years since his spiritual birth in 1974.

Reader Reviews:

"I first met Stanley in the summer 2019 in London UK, he passed on his book to me. As I began to read, I realise the rich revelation that it contained, I have recommended this book to many people. The message and revelation and testimony it contains is life changing. "

 The Very Reverend Alan Dickinson OSL (Newcastle, UK)

"After reading a few chapters, I thought to myself : there are 3 possibilities about Stanley - a deluded man, a lunatic or a  prophet. After reading half the book and conversing with him for 2 hours, I concluded that he is indeed a prophet and a man of God."

Prof Low Kee Yang (Singapore)

"My friend Stanley Cheng's book will inspire you and encourage you. Based on his extensive (and at times amazing) experience as a follower of Jesus Christ – you will not be disappointed. Equally important, Stanley is a man who 'walks the talk' – a man whose life reflects the love and wisdom and joy of Christ. Enjoy!!!"

The Honorable Gregory W. Slayton (USA)

Former US Ambassador

Founder & Chairman of Family First Global 

"My Pastor passed your book to me and I could not put it down. A prophetic evangelist in the marketplace. Such a rarity, I truly believe meeting you was a Divine Appointment at a critical moment. You and Linda are a complete inspiration."

Annie Barr MBE (Newcastle, UK)

"I have gone through your book. Excellent work and very inspirational."

Prof David Lee Seung Hwan (South Korea)

"I have finished reading your book. It is an enjoyable book that is easy to read. More importantly, I get inspired by your life testimony. I know that I have a lot to learn from you… "

Dr Michelle Liew (Malaysia) 

"I read your book and passed it on to a good friend who needs to believe in a God of the possible.   Glad that you tell of HIS-stories."

Dr Rachel R (Honduras)

"…you are so blessed and chosen as one of God's instruments, which empowered you to advocate as God's living miracle. Thank you so much for sharing in your book and showing us the way and the only way to God, to heaven and to eternity. May you open many peoples' eyes and hearts and lead them to God. Amen."

Sun Shuna (China)

PublisherStanley Cheng
Release dateDec 11, 2019
Divine Encounters @ Marketplace (Volume 1)

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