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Amarantox: Botanicaust, #3
Amarantox: Botanicaust, #3
Amarantox: Botanicaust, #3
Ebook370 pages6 hours

Amarantox: Botanicaust, #3

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

*The thrilling stand-alone apocalyptic prequel to the award-winning Botanicaust series.*

Scientists call it innovation.
She calls the rape of the natural world.

Jaide does her part to live in harmony with nature. She recycles, doesn't eat meat, and only buys organic. She's teaching her daughter to have the same respect for life. When a genetically altered plant escapes into the wild, Jaide rallies her friends to pull the infected weeds.

However, they quickly discover that hand-pulling won't keep up with the rampant growth. The weed is taking over croplands and wilderness alike, eventually forcing the corporation responsible to implement scorched-earth tactics to destroy the infestation.

Their efforts fail.

As croplands are consumed, food grows scarce and civilization turns to violence. The rules of Jaide's insulated existence have changed, forcing her to make a choice between her ideals and her teenage daughter's life.

In the end, survival changes everything.

Eerily plausible, Amarantox is a must read for any lover of science fiction, dystopia, and end-of-the-world fiction. Get your copy now to find out why!

Release dateFeb 17, 2019
Amarantox: Botanicaust, #3
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