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Elemental Affinity: Cortii series, #3
Elemental Affinity: Cortii series, #3
Elemental Affinity: Cortii series, #3
Ebook343 pages5 hours

Elemental Affinity: Cortii series, #3

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About this ebook

The Cortii are mercenaries, for hire to anyone who can afford their services. Every government uses them; no single government can destroy them.

A newly discovered world. An opportunity for the Cortiian rebels. And a mission for Wildcat Cortia...

 The Federated Planets Alliance scouts have discovered a new human civilisation; a civilisation not suited to their usual contact protocol. They want a Cortiian to test the waters, and the rebel faction has a very specific commander in mind for the mission – Ilan of Wildcat.

To Ilan, the orders are a convenient pretext. To an ancient feudal culture about to join an intergalactic civilisation, the leaping wildcat and a rider all in black are symbols long foretold - heralding cataclysmic change.

PublisherJ C Steel
Release dateSep 6, 2016
Elemental Affinity: Cortii series, #3

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