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Death is for the Living
Death is for the Living
Death is for the Living
Ebook329 pages4 hours

Death is for the Living

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About this ebook

By day, Cristina Batista is a deck girl on a Caribbean charter yacht, with all the sun, smiles, and steel drum music that entails. By night, she and her crew hunt the monsters that prey in the dark: the powerful vampire clans of the New World.

Unfortunately Cristina's past is hunting her in turn - and it's catching up. Without her partner, sometime pirate, sometime lordling, and ex-vampire, Jean Vignaud, Cristina wouldn't simply be dead. She'd be something she fears far more.

Cristina and Jean are experienced, motivated, and resourceful. One faction wants them despite it. The other wants them because of it.

PublisherJ C Steel
Release dateDec 26, 2018
Death is for the Living

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