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Jack's Tale: The Elevator, #2
Jack's Tale: The Elevator, #2
Jack's Tale: The Elevator, #2
Ebook181 pages2 hours

Jack's Tale: The Elevator, #2

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About this ebook

An eerie calm. Chaos lurks.

A land inhabited by people from distant places and times. A land of meadow and forest, where to leave the trail is to court death. A land where the Scourgers roam.

In an apparently selfless act to save their lives and perform the task set by the Lord of the Dance, Jack has abandoned Matt, Kim and Tara on the near shore. But his motives are not noble.

What he discovers on the far shore changes all: it is not merely his own and former Elevator companions' lives that are at risk. The stakes are dramatically higher. And, like it or not, Jack is forced to join the game.

PublisherSam Kates
Release dateJan 26, 2018
Jack's Tale: The Elevator, #2
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