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Wonder Guy: Fairy Godmothers' Union
Wonder Guy: Fairy Godmothers' Union
Wonder Guy: Fairy Godmothers' Union
Ebook327 pages5 hours

Wonder Guy: Fairy Godmothers' Union

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About this ebook

'Once Upon a Time' meets DC Comics when Greg's fairy godmother grants him superpowers - just to impress the girl next door. 

Gloria is engaged to marry someone else and Greg can only respect her choice in the matter - until Serafina, member in good standing of the Fairy Godmothers' Union - pops in with a different idea. 

As a mysterious, masked superhero Greg can appear to Gloria in a whole new light and win her love. But super-heroing is trickier than Greg knew, creating its own problems and drawing the attention of inimical forces he never knew existed. He may balk at filling the role the Fairy Godmothers' Union has planned for him, but he'll have to discover the true hero in himself before he can win at this game.

Release dateMar 6, 2018
Wonder Guy: Fairy Godmothers' Union

Naomi Stone

Naomi Stone lives and writes in Minnesota and is an accredited member of the Romance Writers of America.

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