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Above Suspicion
Above Suspicion
Above Suspicion
Ebook363 pages4 hours

Above Suspicion

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About this ebook

Young women are vanishing into thin air in Bayou Black, Louisiana.  Detective Rick Baptiste moved to Bayou Black to get away from the senseless violence that plagued the city of New Orleans.  He has witnessed how truly twisted the human mind can be, and now he may be investigating one of his most baffling cases yet.


Evil has infiltrated this peaceful town he has been calling home these last few months.  At first it was young women reported as missing.  Now with the discovery of a body, he is convinced they are dealing with a killer who collects women.   Could he be grooming these women for some perverse fantasy, and when they do not meet his expectations, he kills them?  


Who among the citizens of Bayou Black could be doing this?  Where are these young women being held?  What makes him kill them after a certain period of time?  


When Assistant District Attorney Kathryn Bryant starts making demands on the case, sparks fly between Detective Baptiste and ADA Bryant.  When the killer sets his sights on ADA Bryant, can Detective Baptiste stop him in time.

Release dateNov 12, 2017
Above Suspicion

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