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Summerbird Rises: Book 1 - An Act of Entreaty, #1
Summerbird Rises: Book 1 - An Act of Entreaty, #1
Summerbird Rises: Book 1 - An Act of Entreaty, #1
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Summerbird Rises: Book 1 - An Act of Entreaty, #1

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About this ebook

Summerbird strives to be the best fake seer she can be, ignoring everything--even the bleakest visions. She makes a meager living as future-teller where real magic means prison or death. When a tiny griffin appears, she panics. The last thing she needs is someone seeing a magical creature in her cottage. She attempts to shoo him away; after all, she's managed to stay safe where she is. But he tells a woeful tale of needing her help in the magical Fey realm. She wavers until the sly griffin's last question—Would you like to learn your magic? Summerbird should have remembered her grandfather's words--the Fey offer nothing without strings. As she struggles to transform her broken magic into the real thing, she wonders why she's really in the Fey realm. After making her new home in the Fey palace, some truths emerge. The griffin never told Summerbird she might have to join a battle to save the magical kingdom. And he certainly never mentioned the threat--a being that has crawled up from the depths of the evil Dark Drift, killing as it desperately seeks magic—her kind of magic.

Release dateOct 22, 2017
Summerbird Rises: Book 1 - An Act of Entreaty, #1

Debi Ennis Binder

Debi’s books lead into magical worlds and glorious realms, strong, courageous women and men, grumpy griffins, and benevolent dragons, fighting the evil that threatens their worlds. Snarky cats are talkative; however, the sly foxes and crabby imps might switch sides before you know it. Debi’s tales draw you into battles between good and evil, so choose your side carefully. But be warned—things in magical worlds are rarely what they seem to be.

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