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New Romantics: The Look
New Romantics: The Look
New Romantics: The Look
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New Romantics: The Look

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About this ebook

After punk, pop culture wanted to dazzle again. Fashion and style were the means and the New Romantics took them to the limit.

But the New Romantic movement was more than just a reaction against the anti-glamour of punk…and the music was only part of the story.
The first in-depth book about British Pop’s most flamboyant movement.

The clubs and cabarets, the clothes, the glitter, the make-up, the hair, the fashion, the attitude and the style all made up The Look – and the Look was everything.

The New Romantics explores the varied roots of the movement, using interviews with the stars and tracing a range of influences from David Bowie to the movie Cabaret and the Berlin of the 1930s. Includes interviews with Martin Kemp, Boy George and Steve Strange.
PublisherOmnibus Press
Release dateSep 15, 2003
New Romantics: The Look

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