Kill the Quarterback: Mitch Sawyer mystery
Kill the Quarterback: Mitch Sawyer mystery
Kill the Quarterback: Mitch Sawyer mystery
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Kill the Quarterback: Mitch Sawyer mystery

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When a star quarterback is killed before his senior year, hardboiled reporter Mitch Sawyer must battle personal and professional demons in order to track down a killer before he strikes again.

Mitch Sawyer likes a good murder. A good murder means his stories will probably land on the front page of the Nashville Daily Tribune. But this one is different. This one is Jimmy Chin Lee, brilliant quarterback at Vanderbilt University and possibly -- probably -- the next Heisman Trophy winner. But two weeks before the season is to begin, Lee is found dead in his west side apartment, victim of a gunshot wound.

There are no clues. There's nothing that the forensic team can produce that will point in any direction. There's only a rumor about a girlfriend, someone that no one seems to have seen.

Then Mitch finds her. Rather, she finds him. She's afraid. She thinks either the police are going to charge her with Jimmy Chin's murder or she is going to be killed herself. She asks Mitch for help.

Thus, Mitch enters a vortex of professional and cultural complexities that eventually make him the target of the killer.

Readers have called Kill the Quarterback

". . .  good read, and well-written by a guy who knows his stuff. . . "

" . . . A real page turner an well worth price!"

"(Stovall) writes about the back-room politics of a major newspaper like he's BTDT - been there, done that."

PublisherJim Stovall
Release dateApr 14, 2017
Kill the Quarterback: Mitch Sawyer mystery
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Jim Stovall

James Glen Stovall (Jim) is a retired professor of journalism who lives in East Tennessee. During his teaching career, he taught at the University of Alabama (1978-2003), Emory and Henry College (2003-2006) and the University of Tennessee (2006-2016). He is now working on a second career writing young adult fiction and mysteries. Jim is the author of the a selling writing textbook, Writing for the Mass Media, as well as other journalism texts such as Journalism: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How and Web Journalism. Other books include:  • Seeing Suffrage:The 1913 Washington Suffrage Parade, Its Pictures, and Its Effects on the American Political Landscape • Battlelines: Gettysburg: Civil War Sketch Artists and the First Draft of War In addition to writing, Jim likes to paint (watercolor), draw (pen and ink), play music (dulcimer and banjo), garden and piddle around in his woodworking shop. Jim grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, and that is his favorite setting for his novels.

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