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Tranzport: A Flash Fiction
Tranzport: A Flash Fiction
Tranzport: A Flash Fiction
Ebook14 pages6 minutes

Tranzport: A Flash Fiction

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About this ebook

Two professionals. One box. Zero time. A Tranzport must stop at nothing to change the past while the man on her trail must stop at nothing to prevent her from succeeding. With her pursuer unaware of her intentions, she must push through for the future at any cost.

A new flash fiction from Ric Santos.

PublisherRic Santos
Release dateOct 25, 2016
Tranzport: A Flash Fiction

Ric Santos

Ric Santos is an aspiring fiction writer from New York City. Along with a love of writing, music is a driving force in his inspirations. Many of the ideas and characters are created by various styles of music and lyrics heard from various genres. This eclectic nature is represented in his writing with stories ranging from horror, suspense, science fiction and fan-fiction currently in development.Specializing in short story and flash fiction, full length stories are coming soon.

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