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Sweet bomb Silly
Sweet bomb Silly
Sweet bomb Silly
Ebook107 pages1 hour

Sweet bomb Silly

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About this ebook

“Sweet Bomb Silly” is a novel (thriller) whose protagonist is an aerial bomb named Silly, equipped with an individual thinking process substitute, or a kind of artificial intelligence. As a result of numerous events, she becomes entangled in a conflict between two opposing armies. The thinking and feeling bomb watches people who aim at initiating another war. Learning their motivation, she learns much about life and discovers her real nature.

Chapter I General Black
On all fronts
A golden opportunity
Glory to the heroes
On borrowed time

Chapter II Silly
A field hospital
The awakening
An outlaw
A new command

Chapter III Captain Salvo
The Excelsior Hotel
A reconnaissance
A festival of requests
A game of chess

Chapter IV General White
The achievements of civilization
Flowers in the hair
The Antiarmy
The bunker
Release dateMar 8, 2014
Sweet bomb Silly

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