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Sukhan-e-Dil: Poetry of Heart
Sukhan-e-Dil: Poetry of Heart
Sukhan-e-Dil: Poetry of Heart
Ebook100 pages18 minutes

Sukhan-e-Dil: Poetry of Heart

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Sukhan-e-Dil is a humble contribution to the world of Hindi and Urdu poems (Ghazals) that express a journey of emotions. These emotions describe what many people feel in day-to-day lives - from love to hatred, from peace to distress and from completeness to void. Indeed, these are all part of life and what makes everyone alive! Sukhan-e-Dil brings words to these emotions. It may also tickle those memories that one may think were lost long back. And hopefully these Ghazals will help you get closer to life.

PublisherNitin Patil
Release dateSep 30, 2015
Sukhan-e-Dil: Poetry of Heart

Nitin Patil

A writer, a movie lover, a runner, an entrepreneur and a believer in life who loves contributing to poetry, movies and community.

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