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Under The House
Under The House
Under The House
Ebook333 pages5 hours

Under The House

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About this ebook

Miranda Lee Mitchell must confront her sordid past when victims of a death row serial killer return from the dead via a mysterious vine that runs under her house. They want revenge, and only she can help them get it.
Luke McCan, a nine-year-old runaway, was the Hitchcock Hacker's last victim. Nearly ten years after his murder, he has returned from beyond Plexus - an organic afterlife paradise - seeking revenge. But a copycat killer has also come to Hitchcock. Driven by the Hacker's powerful telepathy, he will kill until the Hacker controls Plexus forever.
Staci Morgan is lured into dual mental states with a killer when she accepts an internship with the agency investigating Copycat murders in Hitchcock. Manipulated by the Hacker's telepathy, she must appease his desire to know the mother who rejected him while she searches for the mother who abandoned her. When she discovers the horrible truths behind the lies, she must race to stop the Copycat before it's too late.

PublisherR. S. Hill
Release dateJun 9, 2014
Under The House

R. S. Hill

R. S. Hill was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1964. His passion for storytelling began while listening to his grandfather spin tall tales about gigantic rats, ferocious sharks, and the man who caught a missile in his teeth.Hill lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife and two children.

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