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A Navajo Scrapbook
A Navajo Scrapbook
A Navajo Scrapbook
Ebook55 pages24 minutes

A Navajo Scrapbook

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About this ebook

Rutherford Ashley, of the Navajo people, presents a scrap book of 102 poems that take snapshots of what is the Navajo experience, from being too young for pre-school age in the 1970s, to dealing with aspects of Navajo identity, the work is like a family photo album, as surely more than one reader will identify with young Basil, the focus character in the work. In summary, A Navajo scrapbook deals with Navajo identity, especially as it is published at the dawn of 2013. The book is an easy read that takes you from point to point to develop the "muse" of Basil, and the antithesis of Basil, which is the demonstrated by Basil's conflicted identity in a changing world. A good read.
Release dateJan 2, 2013
A Navajo Scrapbook

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