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Owe It To The Wind
Owe It To The Wind
Owe It To The Wind
Ebook404 pages6 hours

Owe It To The Wind

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Owe It To The Wind is a story of love and betrayal. It begins with the high school romance between Michael and Meg. Determined to flee an abusive parent, Michael abruptly departs their small hometown in Michigan immediately after graduation to play football for USC. Before he leaves the young lovers make a pact to meet in five years. Neither realizes the life consequences of this decision.

Release dateOct 26, 2010
Owe It To The Wind

J.R. Armstrong

J. R. Armstrong was born and raised in southeast Michigan (where Owe It To The Wind takes place). She has a B.A. from Olivet College.Owe It To The Wind and Truly, Everything the sequel were written in 11 cities on two continents, including a Caribbean Island as the author traveled with her husband who worked in professional baseball.The two live near Lansing, Michigan and have four children, a dog and four cats.

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