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The Food and Mood Book
The Food and Mood Book
The Food and Mood Book
Ebook70 pages45 minutes

The Food and Mood Book

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About this ebook

This book explores the link between food and mood due to food intolerance. Natural and man-made food chemicals are linked to causing depression, anxiety, anger, brain fog, ADHD and other similar moods in many people. The book includes many personal stories, links to research, the best elimination diet to determine triggers, and some existing treatments.

PublisherJude Burger
Release dateDec 6, 2013
The Food and Mood Book

Jude Burger

I experienced bouts of crippling depression and anxiety as a child and teenager until my 20s. It disappeared once I started an elimination diet and was able to identify my triggers. I know there are many people who are similarly afflicted, and my goal is to make this knowledge mainstream - and help others check this for themselves.The broken link in the "Introduction" is available on my book's website.

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