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Dominican Republic Adventure Guide
Dominican Republic Adventure Guide
Dominican Republic Adventure Guide
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Dominican Republic Adventure Guide

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The authors - one of whom is a Dominican Republic native - share intimate knowledge of this island nation. Virgin beaches, 16th-century Spanish ruins, the Caribbean's highest mountain, exotic wildlife and vast forest reserves will lure you here. And this book will show you around.

Immense detail on the culture, the history, the beliefs of the people (how they relate to one another and to you) plus the economy and politics - so you will be far more than a casual tourist. Diving, hiking, wildlife, parks, tours, getting around, carnivals and celebrations, services, shopping - all are covered in detail. Accommodations run the gamut from luxury resorts to bare-bones camping facilities. The authors recommend places to eat, too - including roadside shacks selling local delicacies. Descriptions of the best nightlife in every town, from Sosua to Santo Domingo and the tiny towns in between. Over 20 town and regional maps plus color throughout.
Release dateFeb 14, 2009
Dominican Republic Adventure Guide

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