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Awake: The Legacy of Akara
Awake: The Legacy of Akara
Awake: The Legacy of Akara
Audiobook11 hours

Awake: The Legacy of Akara

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About this audiobook

Oprah Winfrey Network TV show host and #1 New York Times bestselling author Iyanla Vanzant calls Awake, “A visionary page-turner!"

Akara is home to a civilization far more evolved than our own ...

Long ago, on Akara—a planet in the Pleiades cluster—the Ravaging Era raged. It was a time of toxic greed, rampant warfare, and environmental devastation. Akarans were on the brink of extinction. Out of the turmoil, a critical mass of beings experienced an awakening, which sparked a spontaneous shift in consciousness across the planet and ushered in the Rebirthing.

A thousand years later ...

Mobius—a candidate for the Discovery Corps, Akara’s elite space program—stumbles upon an ancient relic. The artifact reveals that a rogue space commander from the Ravaging Era attempted to colonize the Earth. The legacy of his reign now places Earth in jeopardy, and Mobius is compelled to try to save the precious blue planet. He embarks on a quest that not only unlocks his secret destiny but also points to the possibility of a mass awakening of human consciousness. A Rebirthing on Earth.

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Release dateOct 5, 2021
Awake: The Legacy of Akara

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