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Dad at Peace
Dad at Peace
Dad at Peace
Audiobook1 hour

Dad at Peace

Written by Chris Gethard

Narrated by Chris Gethard

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Chris Gethard has accomplished the thing that dreams are made of: a successful career as an artist. He’s appeared on television and in films, traveled the world to perform comedy onstage in front of adoring fans, and experienced the seemingly limitless freedom that comes with such a lifestyle.

So why is Gethard making thought-provoking decisions to change all of that? Decisions that ultimately trade his not-so-daily routine of flexibility for a life of stability while somehow giving him the most peace he’s ever felt? If you’ve read his previous Originals, Dad on Pills and The Lonely Dad Conversations, you’ve probably already figured out the reason.

In Dad at Peace, Gethard reflects on the impact of career disappointments and health scares. He also takes pause on memories with his own parents — and even more importantly, the daily moments with his son — all leading him to dive deeply and openly into what lies ahead towards something that neither he nor those around him ever expected.

Dad, husband, storyteller, podcast host of Beautiful/Anonymous, and so much more (including what he considers to be “chief among them”: boring), Gethard is turning the page to a new chapter. As he begins to find peace in — and acceptance for — what’s to come, Gethard embarks on a journey that’s not just about gratitude and appreciation for the past but one that leads to a world full of colorful animals, rock adventures, and a new dream for the future: spending more time at home with his feet firmly planted on the ground.

Editor's Note

Time for a new chapter…

Comedian Gethard has led a relatively charmed life, able to make a living off his talents and travel the world making people laugh. But in this emotional and sobering piece, Gethard explains why he’s starting a new, quieter chapter, and how his son brings him a serenity he’s never experienced before. (Don’t worry, there are still poop jokes.) “Dad at Peace” completes Gethard’s Originals trilogy, following “Dad on Pills” and “The Lonely Dad Conversations.”

Release dateJan 31, 2024

Chris Gethard

CHRIS GETHARD is a comedian and creator of The Chris Gethard Show and host of the popular weekly podcast Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People. His Judd Apatow-produced one-man show, Career Suicide, premiered on HBO and was nominated for the Lucille Lortel award for its off-Broadway run. He lives in Queens, New York.

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