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On the Wings of Hope
On the Wings of Hope
On the Wings of Hope
Audiobook10 hours

On the Wings of Hope

Written by Ella Zeiss

Narrated by Malcolm Hillgartner

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

As World War II draws to a close, can two young people find love, hope—and freedom?

February 1942: Terrifying reports of the Wehrmacht’s advance across the Soviet Union spread like wildfire, striking new fear into the already oppressed German families living there.

Harri Pfeiffer, now sixteen, is summoned to the forced labour camp in Chelyabinsk. With men around him dying by the hundreds, every day is a fight for survival in a world plagued with despair.

Three years later, with the war finally over, Yvo Scholz arrives in Chelyabinsk, desperate for news of her brother, who was also last seen being dispatched to the labour camp. Still uncertain of the fate of her father, it takes all Yvo’s unshakeable courage to build a new life for herself while she waits for hope to return.

When their paths intersect, Harri and Yvo find a connection they never thought possible. But faced with hostility and discrimination, do they dare to dream they will one day be free—together?

TranslatorHelen MacCormac
Release dateNov 17, 2020
On the Wings of Hope

Ella Zeiss

Ella Zeiss was born in 1980 in Alma-Ata (now Almaty), Kazakhstan. At the age of ten, she resettled in the Federal Republic of Germany with her parents and grandparents. After graduating from high school, she studied business administration and international management at the University of Münster and the Copenhagen Business School and then worked in business for several years. The author currently lives with her husband and two daughters near Cologne, where she works as a full-time writer. So far she has published twenty-four novels in various genres. Her grandparents’ stories about the prewar period, the forced labour camps and the ensuing years of hardship have accompanied Ella Zeiss all her life, and at last she has turned them into a novel. The author also writes romantic and adventure fantasy under the pseudonym Elvira Zeissler, as well as humorous romantic novels under the name of Ellen McCoy. For further information, please visit her website,

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