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Look at the Harlequins!
Look at the Harlequins!
Look at the Harlequins!
Audiobook7 hours

Look at the Harlequins!

Written by Vladimir Nabokov

Narrated by Stefan Rudnicki

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

A dying man cautiously unravels the mysteries of memory and creation. Vadim is a Russian emigre who, like Nabokov, is a novelist, poet and critic. There are threads linking the fictional hero with his creator as he reconstructs the images of his past from young love to his serious illness.

Release dateOct 20, 2011
Look at the Harlequins!

Vladimir Nabokov

Vladimir Nabokov studied French and Russian literature at Trinity College, Cambridge, then lived in Berlin and Paris, writing prolifically in Russian under the pseudonym Sirin. In 1940, he left France for the United States, where he wrote some of his greatest worksb — Bend Sinister (1947), Lolita (1955), Pnin (1957), and Pale Fire (1962) — and translated his earlier Russian novels into English. He taught at Wellesley, Harvard, and Cornell. He died in Montreux, Switzerland, in 1977.

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