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Crows & Cards: A Novel
Crows & Cards: A Novel
Crows & Cards: A Novel
Audiobook6 hours

Crows & Cards: A Novel

Written by Joseph Helgerson

Narrated by MacLeod Andrews

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Three warnings for listeners who hate surprises:
1. Beware of slivers,
2. and gamblers,
3. and aces.

Zebulon Crabtree found all that out the hard way back in 1849 when his mother and father shipped him off to St. Louis to apprentice with a tanner. Too bad he had serious allergies to fur and advice from his parents. Hearing the beat of a different drummer, Zeb takes up with a riverboat gambler who has some special plans for him, crosses paths with a slave who turns out to be a better friend than cook, and learns that some Indian medicine men can see even though blind. And then there’s the Brotherhood—the one that Zeb can’t seem to get out of.…

Release dateApr 6, 2009
Crows & Cards: A Novel

Joseph Helgerson

Joseph Helgerson lives next door to Theodore Wirth Park, where he often hikes. His book The Lost Galumpus is the first time he’s written about that park’s remarkable residents. He’s previously written about river trolls (Horns & Wrinkles) and talking crows (Crows & Cards).

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