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Devour [Dramatized Adaptation]
Devour [Dramatized Adaptation]
Devour [Dramatized Adaptation]
Audiobook5 hours

Devour [Dramatized Adaptation]

Written by Kurt Anderson

Narrated by A Full Cast, Alejandro Ruiz, Chris Genebach and

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Deep beneath the ice of the Arctic Circle, something has awakened. A primordial creature frozen in time, it is the oldest, largest, most efficient predator that nature has ever produced. And it is ravenously hungry…

Thirty-five miles off the Massachussetts coast, a small research ship is attacked. All but one of its crew is killed by the massive serpentine horror that rises from the sea. The creature likes this human prey. The chewy outer hide. The tender saltiness within. And it wants more…

Responding to a distress signal, fishing-boat captain Brian Hawkins arrives in time to save the ship's last survivor. But the nightmare is just beginning. A casino cruise ship carrying high-stakes passengers—and a top-secret cargo—becomes the creature's bloodsoaked hunting ground. Desperate but determined, Hawkins goes after the biggest catch of the century.
Release dateJun 3, 2020
Devour [Dramatized Adaptation]

Kurt Anderson

Kurt Anderson a jack-of-all-trades-and master of absolutely none. A regular contributor for Family Handyman and Outdoor Life, Kurt knows how to get into (and usually out of) trouble, both in and outside of the home. When he's not throwing hay bales or hammering nails, you can find him roaming northern Minnesota, riding (and repairing) his motorcycle, fishing, hunting, canoeing, and fixing things he's managed to foul up. He lives in Brookston, MN.

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