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Tuning Up
Sailors have a longstanding history with music. From ancient seafaring cultures to modern sailors, music has played a vital role in maritime life, offering solace, entertainment, and a means of communication. For those who also have a passion for mus
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Sailing Scene
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Shorthanded Sailing: The Case for Simplicity
It was half past midnight and the wind had been building for the last few hours. We had left the west coast of Puerto Rico the previous morning, sailing off anchor and through the cut, and now were blasting towards the Turks and Caicos. It had been a
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Continuing Education
Neil Evans has been talking about the merits of Harken’s T2 Soft-Attach blocks—most significantly the soft Dyneema shackle as its attachment point, rather than a metal head post and shackle—when he reminds his audience of marine professionals what th
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Raymarine Alpha Series
I love quick and clear access to data when I’m racing. Even when I’m cruising, I enjoy running numbers through my head. In both cases, it keeps me entertained and drives me to push the boat harder and to sail better. Raymarine’s new Alpha series offe
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Love Me, Love My Boat
Go ahead. Tell me who you love most in this world. I’m willing to bet that your boat makes the top five, perhaps the top three—even number one, depending upon where you are in your life at the moment. You can admit it; this is a safe space for this k
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Hybrid and Working
The 2023 Caribbean Multihull Challenge (CMC) introduced an unusual element to its three-day Sint Maarten-based schedule of racing: a rally. Race organizers found that the folks likely to wind up in Sint Maarten in late January fell into one of three
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Stormy And Francis
Editor’s Note: In 1956, Alan Nicol—nicknamed “Stormy” for the weather he seemed to attract—was Francis Chichester’s main crew on Gipsy Moth II, sailing with Chichester in the decade before he completed his famous circumnavigation in Gipsy Moth IV in
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A Steadfast Bond
John Stone is the kind of seafarer who has applied the adage “keep it simple” throughout his sailing life. This maxim has enabled him to sail thousands of miles on the one and only cruising boat he has owned—a 1982 Robinhood Cape Dory 36 aptly named
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Cruising Tips
Running out of fuel or losing the engine by way of filters blocked with dirty diesel is bad enough, but ending up with an engine full of water transforms a serious nuisance into a catastrophe. One can lead to the other surprisingly easily. Cooling wa
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Trust Your Gut
We had stopped to snorkel at Cayo Sal in Cuba, and I grabbed my mask and fins to check on the anchor. This weather-beaten, low-lying island was a great example of sketchy charts and missing markers. Within feet of our hook were the remains of a 60-fo
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In Good Order
It’s March, and if you’re like most sailors who’ve had to put their beloveds away for the winter, you’re champing at the bit to get down to the boatyard and spring her from the cold season’s confines. It’s understandable, but what you really need to
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Runaway Diesel
The morning our diesel engine experienced a runaway started like any other. We were headed out of Monterey Harbor on our 1979 Cheoy Lee 41, Avocet, bound for Morro Bay. We fired up the steadfast if sometimes quirky Perkins 4.108 without issue, untied
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Destination Nowhere
I woke at 5:30 on a Friday morning to the sound of rain on the deck. I was on the port pipe berth of my Moore 24, Gannet, anchored in 60 feet of water 13 miles off South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island where I live. We had anchored under a full moon in
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The Hidden Gift
When they think about the Society Islands, most sailors likely conjure the most famous of this French Polynesian group—Tahiti, Bora Bora, perhaps Moorea—the stuff that cruising dreams are made of. But from the moment we shimmied our 50-foot steel cut
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The Value of Mentorship
I saw the Horn at 3 o’clock this morning it gave me chills,” John “When Kretschmer said in a grainy video from the deck of his Kaufman 47 Quetzal in mid-December, hanging on the starboard shrouds and beaming with Cape Horn in the background. “It look
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Hallberg-Rassy 40C
Hallberg-Rassy builds carry a reputation of solid offshore cruising boats. However, the forecast for my date with the 40C was among the lightest air the Annapolis area could offer. Arriving at the boat, a few more ripples danced across the water than
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Beneteau Oceanis 37.1
I could feel the boat find her groove and settle in at 7.2 knots on a beam reach with the code zero flying. It was a crisp autumn day on Chesapeake Bay and we were hauling the mail with one finger on the wheel and twin rudders gripping below the wate
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Pin Drop
It was a crisp Saturday morning in early spring. Six of us had assembled to commission our sailing club’s older 32-foot sloop for a season on the Chesapeake Bay. I had just joined the club and was hoping to make a good first impression. The boat was
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At the Helm-Whale Watch
In little over a week, Mia and I head to Falken, 59° North’s Farr 65, for the last passage of 2023. The boat is docked in Lagos, on the sunny Algarve coast of Portugal, just around the bend from Cabo São Vincente—and smack in the middle between the t
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A Tall Ship Tale
I’m not sure what I expected when I signed on as guest crew for a week aboard Pride of Baltimore II. But in the windy rain, my fingers sticky with tar as I helped tension the rig, I sure didn’t expect this. We were holed up behind Cape Fear, North Ca
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Sailing Scene
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Hanse 510
You never quite know what’s going to happen on a test sail; often, these boats are fresh off the presses, so to speak, still being set up when we’re invited along. So, it wasn’t overly surprising when our plan to unfurl the genoa on the new Hanse 510
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The Light Fantastic
It was early summer, and twilight had stretched itself across the sky with feline languor. The afternoon breeze had dwindled to a zephyr, and we were ghosting along up my favorite river under main and genoa, the sails just filled. Ahead of us, the fu
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Lighten Up
I discovered sailing on the south coast of Cape Cod, where the breeze is a reliable 15-22 knots out of the southwest like clockwork every day; the sun rises, heats up the shore, that air rises, and the sea breeze comes rushing in. My first taste of s
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Excess 14
I first saw Beneteau’s Excess brand of sailing catamarans in 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany, with a room full of marine journalists, some of whom, like me, weren’t convinced of the brand’s vision. Most were perplexed, some got snarky. The models were ba
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Boom With a View
Pride of Baltimore II barrels up the Atlantic coast en route from Jacksonville, Florida, to her home port in Baltimore, Maryland. Photographer and volunteer crew member Charles Scott perched on the ship’s jibboom to catch this image of the Baltimore
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The SAIL Top 10 Best Boats of 2024
Every year, boatbuilders of all types submit their new models to be nominees in the SAIL Top 10 Best Boats contest. We start reviewing these as soon as they are available, sometimes traveling throughout the country or even overseas to examine the boa
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The (R)evolution of Alternators
Forty years ago, the solid-state revolution, which gave us computers and a host of increasingly powerful electronic devices, reshaped boat energy systems in ways that have underpinned a remarkable transition from camping out to enjoying the comforts
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