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Frances Schoonmaker - The Last Crystal Trilogy, Writing Techniques, and Research Practices - 430

Frances Schoonmaker - The Last Crystal Trilogy, Writing Techniques, and Research Practices - 430

FromTeaching Learning Leading K-12

Frances Schoonmaker - The Last Crystal Trilogy, Writing Techniques, and Research Practices - 430

FromTeaching Learning Leading K-12

68 minutes
Nov 18, 2021
Podcast episode


Frances Schoonmaker - The Last Crystal Trilogy, Writing Techniques, and Research Practices. This is episode 430 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

After teaching elementary school for a dozen years, Frances Schoonmaker directed the graduate elementary and middle school teacher education program at Teachers College, Columbia University for nearly twenty years, drawing heavily on children’s literature and storytelling. Publications for children include five books in the Sterling Poetry for Young People series and Growing Up Caring, Values And Decision-Making (Glencoe/Macmillan).

Frances draws on her background of growing up in rural Oklahoma to furnish vivid details of place and context. As a child she was fascinated by stories told by pioneer grandparents and exploring the remains of the dugout where her mother was born. In The Black Alabaster Box she makes room for both fact and fancy.   

Schoonmaker has taught, lectured, and consulted internationally. She holds degrees from The University of Washington; George Peabody College, Vanderbilt University; and Teachers College, Columbia University. Upon retirement she was awarded the title of Professor Emerita. She resides in Baltimore, Maryland with her family.

The Last Crystal Trilogy is historical fantasy for middle grade/young adult readers and anyone who loves an adventure. A recipient of The Agatha Award, author Frances Schoonmaker, an educator of 25 years, shares insightful coming-of-age messages while she spins an amazing tale that helps young readers appreciate history when imagining other eras.

The multi-dimensional story spans 100 years and two world wars, starting on the Santa Fe Trail in 1856 and ending on the famous Santa Fe Chief train in 1946.

None of the children in the trilogy have ever heard of the Last Crystal or its life-giving water until they are drawn into a magical quest to save it. History comes to life as they face life-threatening circumstances and have to decide whether they will take action or cave into despair.

 “A theme in this coming-of-age story is that there are some things only a child can do because children can imagine possibilities that adults fail to see,” says Schoonmaker.

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Nov 18, 2021
Podcast episode

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