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Viking Goddesses
Viking Goddesses
Viking Goddesses
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Viking Goddesses

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About this ebook

Viking Goddesses, the second edition of the first volume of the "Forbidden Knowledge" series, offers a captivating exploration of Norse mythology, with a focus on powerful women. Part I introduces the enigmatic Völur, and through the tales of Freyja, Gullveig, and Menglöð, readers are transported to a world where goddesses wield immense influence.
Then the book delves into the age of the Nornir, weavers of fate, and introduces readers to Valkyries, mistresses of death, and swan maidens. Finally, we meet the revered Dísir. Part II examines the transition of divine women into earthly affairs, revealing intriguing changes within Norse society. Lastly, the book provides valuable appendices for those eager to discover more about Norse language and literature. With over 60 illustrations enriching the narrative, "Viking Goddesses" offers an engaging journey into the captivating realm of Norse mythology and the enduring legacy of its female figures.

Release dateApr 19, 2024
Viking Goddesses

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