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Ugly Ella - Becoming Owner and owned
Ugly Ella - Becoming Owner and owned
Ugly Ella - Becoming Owner and owned
Ebook212 pages3 hours

Ugly Ella - Becoming Owner and owned

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About this ebook

Most of this book is focused on woman owning woman, on their BDSM activities, and on their relationship.

Ugly Ella is kicked out of her appartment. She finds another and, glory be, discovers she can bring herself to orgasm by administering erotic pain to herself. (How she learns it and how she evolves her techniques are likely to be of interest to you.)

The next day at work, Betty finally has her chance to get close to Ella and become intimate friends. Ella is the person Betty had decided she wants to be owned by some years earlier. It turns out Betty requires intentionally delivered pain in order to orgasm. She cannot do it herself. She needs Ella to deliver the torture.

Betty begs Ella to own her, or at least let her be a part-time slave, if not her preferred 100% owned as property.

Ella is reluctant at first, then comes to realize the long-term erotic benefits of owning a person who requires intentionally inflicted pain in order to orgasm. The idea of owning a woman's pussy to do with as she pleases thrills Ella.

Ella accepts Betty as her property, to serve as personal slave and as BDSM toy. The BDSM evolves from panty-snapping to intense whipping.

You get exciting BDSM scenes and an exhilerating plot in this 52,000-word novel.

Note: Mother-daughter training is alluded to, but not explicitly described, when Betty tells her Owner how she gained her outstanding pussy-licking skills.

Note: A male is a consensual victim at several places within the book, but most of the story is focused on woman owning woman and what the Owner does to the owned.

The chapters are orgasmic. The people are plausible. The events are thrilling.

Do it. Tap the "buy" button. Get hot and sweaty and feel like everything is right in the world.


Release dateFeb 1, 2024
Ugly Ella - Becoming Owner and owned

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