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Digital Pilgrims
Digital Pilgrims
Digital Pilgrims
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Digital Pilgrims

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About this ebook

We can all feel the urge to understand and explore the impact of technology on our world. The book "Digital Pilgrims. Towards a Quantum Humanity", written by Adrián Sicilia, successful entrepreneur and digital urbanist, promises to take readers on a journey through the history, impact, present and future of the Digital Environment.


It presents a comprehensive essay about technology and humanity itself, tying history events with the latest advances. Chapter 1 examines the history, scope, and meaning of the Digital Environment, while Chapter 2 explores how people began to inhabit the Digital Environment and the impact it has had on our lives. Chapter 3 delves into the impact of global issues on our digital world, and Chapter 4 examines the future of technology and what it means to be a digital pilgrim in a world where science fiction is becoming reality.


The publication makes for a compelling argument in favor of urbanizing the digital world. The author's extensive knowledge of technology and its impact on humanity makes him the perfect guide for this journey. With a background in architecture, music, academia, and audiovisual production, and as a digital urbanist, and writer, Adrián Sicilia comes to us in his text as a digital urbanist with a unique perspective. 


Digital Pilgrims promise to be engaging and thought-provoking, weaving together topics like the Internet of Things, AI, quantum computers, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and our cultural history from prehistory to the present. "The main objective of our community is to debate. We hope the book will be a starting point for anyone willing to think about how we coexist in the digital world," says Sicilia. The book raises crucial discussions and explores the impact of technology on our lives and the world around us, encouraging readers to think deeply about the role of technology in their own lives.

Release dateSep 1, 2022
Digital Pilgrims

Adrián Sicilia

He was immersed in the fields of architecture, music, academia and audiovisual production but does not identify himself with any of them. He prefers to describe himself based on the practical experiences that occupy him today, especially his participation in communities of productive knowledge in technological fields. Forced to declare a career, he would say digital urbanist. That profession consists of projecting the construction of meaning in an environment that is becoming more and more central in our lives: the digital one.

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