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Tales from Blackthorn Briar
Tales from Blackthorn Briar
Tales from Blackthorn Briar
Ebook338 pages5 hours

Tales from Blackthorn Briar

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About this ebook

Shrike, the fae Butcher of Blackthorn, and Wren Lofthouse, a mortal Victorian clerk, are bound together by love and fate. Their continued adventures (and those of their friends) are told in this collection of fantastical tales following the story of Oak King Holly King, including...

Wherein Shrike and Wren repay their debt to the Court of Hidden Folk.

Mr Grigsby's Clerk
Wherein Mr Grigsby finds a replacement for Wren - and perhaps more than he bargained for.

Jack in the Green
Wherein a certain Horse Guard wanders into Blackthorn Briar.

Winter Solstice
Wherein the Holly King surrenders to the Oak King.

The Holly King's Peril
Wherein Wren and Shrike discover danger in the wilds of the Fae Realms.

The Ballad of Daniel Durst
Wherein Daniel embarks on his authentic life in a bold new land.

Release dateSep 21, 2022
Tales from Blackthorn Briar
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Sebastian Nothwell

Sebastian Nothwell writes queer romance. When he is not writing, he is counting down the minutes until he is permitted to return to writing. He is absolutely not a ghost and definitely did not die in 1895.

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