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Valley Fliers
Valley Fliers
Valley Fliers
Ebook265 pages3 hours

Valley Fliers

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About this ebook

Jay Smalley, seventeen, loves remote control aviation.  He spends most of his time flying model planes at a San Fernando Valley miniature airfield near his home.  When a newcomer arrives at the field practicing risky maneuvers with a military-grade drone, Jay suspects there is more to this stranger than meets the eye.  But Jay has always been a little paranoid and too prone to conspiracy theories for his own good. 


As Jay rallies his fellow Valley Fliers to help unpack what he believes the drone pilot is hiding he sabotages his budding romance with co-pilot Cassie and alienates Kent, the father figure who manages their tiny airfield like it's Edwards Air Force Base.  He even puts his scholarship to flight school at risk.  Is Jay deluded or the only one who can see a clear and present danger posed by the cocky new flight suit on the tarmac?

Release dateJan 31, 2022
Valley Fliers

David Boito

David Boito resides with his wife and son in the San Fernando Valley suburb of Los Angeles, near the miniature airfield that inspired Valley Fliers, his debut novel.  He is a longtime fan of aviation and always looks to the sky as a plane goes by.  David also works as a screenwriter and has authored short stories including one published in the UCLA literary journal, Westwind. 

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