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Cult Of The Nosferatu
Cult Of The Nosferatu
Cult Of The Nosferatu
Ebook281 pages3 hours

Cult Of The Nosferatu

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About this ebook

Bertram Welles, vampire hunter.

Christmas in Manhattan.

Tammy Greevly, a police cadet from Denver, travels to New York to find her brother and
bring him home. Fearing that he is the victim of a religious cult, Greevly uses her budding
detective skills to track her younger sibling down. Bertram Welles, who has been tracking
a series of murders reported in the news and through his police contacts, and believing that
they are connected to each other, soon crosses paths with Tammy Greevly. Welles is on his
own, as he has given his agents off for the holidays, and so he must take Greevly into his
world of secrets as together they investigate and infiltrate a CULT OF THE NOSFERATU.
Release dateJul 21, 2021
Cult Of The Nosferatu

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