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Sinister Spells
Sinister Spells
Sinister Spells
Ebook204 pages3 hours

Sinister Spells

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

After the tragic death of her best friend Karthik, Swara is ready to start life afresh. A different college in a different town, with different friends. A new boy enters Swara’s life and one afternoon offers to take her back to her home city in Mountview, but strange things start to happen....

Shortly after Swara’s arrival Mrs. Bose, Karthik’s mum, calls Swara and tells her about a book that can change her life forever. Mrs. Bose wants Swara to have this book, but just like everything in life, it comes with a price.

Mrs. Bose needs Swara to help bring her son back to life and all it takes is a ritual where blood needs to be spilt....

Swara caves and agrees. How bad could it be to have her best friend back? The greatest gift one can give a mum is her son to complete an incomplete family, even if her son is dead....

Release dateAug 5, 2020
Sinister Spells

Kaveel Lilmohun

Kaveel Lilmohun is an author who writes books for a cross target audience of young and new adults.He writes books in the horror and thriller genre under the series name Lilmohorror and Lilmothriller with his debut book being Sinister Spells.He is also an English Teacher for non native speakers working for an organisation as well as a freelancer.He has worked with a variety of learners around the globe and has a degree in BCom Human Resources Management and a three year Diploma in Public Relations. Other qualifications include several TEFL and Tesol certification. He has also completed writing courses and keeps adding new ones of interest to his list.Born in a small city in Pietermaritzburg , South Africa , he still resides there with his family , dogs and pet bird.When Kaveel isn't Writing or teaching he spends his time watching movies and listening to music , spending time with family and friends, reading and making new friends from around the world. He plans to travel, see the world and meet his global friends someday soon!

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