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The Last Priestess of Malia
The Last Priestess of Malia
The Last Priestess of Malia
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The Last Priestess of Malia

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Having given up her only child and her very identity to become a priestess in ancient Crete, an idealistic young woman struggles to find meaning in the day-to-day life of the temple; but when she is chosen to be the next High Priestess, she must call on both mystical and practical skills to protect her people from the encroaching Mycenaeans, who want to destroy the Minoans’ way of life.

Their island steeped in ritual and tradition, unchanged for centuries, the Minoans keep to their ways as the world around them moves on. Within the temple of Malia, Aria upholds the practices of her ancestors and the values that have kept her people—the children of the Great Mother Goddesses—safe and happy for generations, even when doing so chafes against her ambition. She knows that the rites of journeying, divination, and sacrifice are the foundation of the people’s relationship with the gods. And the public ceremonies and feasts are the basis of the temple’s relationship with the lay people: the balance between the divine and the material, the people’s assurance that the High Priestess and her clergy will take care of them and provide for them, the way they have always done. Aria knows that as long as Ida’s children take care of each other, the Great Mother will take care of them.

But their tradition of sharing their goods and themselves with each other and the gods becomes a liability when the people from the mountains in the north of the mainland decide that wealth is something to be hoarded rather than given away. The newcomers’ demands increase along with their greed, and the Minoans are hard pressed to maintain their traditional ways. What will become of a peaceful trading culture when their rivals decide to arm themselves and take what they want?

PublisherLaura Perry
Release dateSep 23, 2019
The Last Priestess of Malia

Laura Perry

Laura Perry is a priestess and creator who works magic with words, paint, ink, music, textiles, and herbs. She is the founder and Temple Mom of Ariadne’s Tribe as well as a third degree Wiccan priestess, a Reiki master, and a longtime herbalist and naturopath. She has published four non-fiction books, three novels, a Minoan coloring book, and a Minoan Tarot deck as well as contributing to seven anthologies, editing two, and collaborating on a second Tarot deck. Her articles have appeared in Spiral Nature, The Magical Times, Indie Shaman, SageWoman and Pagan Dawn magazines, among others. She also works as a freelance editor, helping writers polish up their work until it shines. When she’s not busy drawing, writing, or leading rituals and workshops, you can probably find her digging in the garden or giving a living history demonstration at a local historic site.

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