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Witch Lit: Words from the Cauldron
Witch Lit: Words from the Cauldron
Witch Lit: Words from the Cauldron
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Witch Lit: Words from the Cauldron

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About this ebook

Do you know any forest witches? Or naked magicians?
Have you ever seen spirits in the woods or women made of water?
Do you believe the dead can speak?

You'll find them all and much more in this collection of magical tales and poems by Witches Who Write - twenty three pagan authors from the Witch Lit Facebook group working together in aid of Books for Africa:
Laura Perry-Sheena Cundy-Wendy Steele-Rhea Ruth Aitken-Nimue Brown-Nils Visser-Jaq D Hawkins-Portland Jones-Chelsea Arrington-DJ Martin-Philip Kane-Cathie Devitt-Fiona Tinker-Hayley Arrington-Imelda Almqvist-Zoe Murphy-Jeni Lawes-Mabh Savage-Lilian Hope-Miranda Rey-Dorothy Abrams-Shannon Barnsley-Elen Sentier.

Edited by Laura Perry and published by Treehouse Magic.

Words from the Cauldron is bubbling with * magic * on every page...
Download this charming book and discover your next favorite Witch Lit author.

PublisherLaura Perry
Release dateJun 21, 2019
Witch Lit: Words from the Cauldron

Laura Perry

Laura is a Pagan artist and storyteller. Entranced by the mystical traditions of the past, her aim is to bring those traditions alive in the modern world through her writing and art.

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