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Winter's Labyrinth: The Three Keys, #4
Winter's Labyrinth: The Three Keys, #4
Winter's Labyrinth: The Three Keys, #4
Ebook341 pages5 hours

Winter's Labyrinth: The Three Keys, #4

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About this ebook

"...Winter's Labyrinth is a fast and entertaining fantasy novel whose inventive world is richly built." --Foreword Review

Whispers from a shadowy realm…

Two worlds on the brink of collapse…

Only one force can claim the future...


Consumption of humanity by an epidemic of evil shadows has shifted to its final stage.  Armed with a potent angelic weapon and a conjurer of the dead, Lord Tarsamon has strengthened his position to shut down the one woman who can stop his race to plunge Earth and Ardan—home of the immortals—into a perpetual state of darkness.

Finding the last of three keys hidden in an underworld of spells is the one hope remaining and a task only Sara Forrester can fulfill. Joined by her team, Sara must brave the cryptic City of Souls to release the ancient Egyptian powers she believed to be myths.

Can Sara rescue two worlds and a future she's fought lifetimes to claim with the one man she'd risk her soul to keep before time runs out?

Release dateOct 1, 2019
Winter's Labyrinth: The Three Keys, #4

Dana Alexander

Dana Alexander is a summa cum laude graduate of Arizona State University whose career was spent in Medicare policy, education, and audit. Captivated by the fascinating and creative world of fantasy from a young age and, seeking an escape from the monotony, she was compelled to write the story of two warriors connected across countless millennia, upheld by their duty to the Alliance. When she isn't creating scenes, developing mysterious realms, and weaving fact with fiction, her time is spent with family keeping cool in the ridiculously hot desert with their two huge, swim-loving Labs, Ryley and Brodie. Her series has received positive remarks from editorial reviews and many readers who've given their valuable time to share their thoughts. Connect with her at her website:

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