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The Game: Beta Testing
The Game: Beta Testing
The Game: Beta Testing
Ebook42 pages36 minutes

The Game: Beta Testing

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About this ebook

All Beta releases have bugs – but in this program, they’ll try to kill you.
Academy All-Star Seth Wright was already less-than-enthusiastic about his role in the annual school play, broadcast nationwide in thrilling Virtual Reality – and that was before he discovered there was a glitch in the program hungry for his blood.

Now, Seth and the rest of the cast are trapped in a hyper-realistic swords-and-sorcery adventure – one that’s so realistic, the digital dogs, dragons, and dark wizards can kill you for real; faster than you can say “Game Over.”

With time running out, and the murderous glitch sending ever-more deadly enemies his way, Seth must reluctantly step into the role of hero and leader – and learn an important lesson if he’s to have any hope of saving his friends.

The Game: Beta Testing is a fast-paced dark fantasy adventure set in the Awakening Fractured Memories series by A.V. Dalcourt – filled with tension, emotion, and epic symbolism.

Release dateMar 12, 2019
The Game: Beta Testing

A. V. Dalcourt

Amber V. Dalcourt was convinced that her childhood home was haunted. Distorted visages made their presence known to those who dared stare at the hallway’s walls for too long. In a certain room, the constant sense of being watched by a malicious voyeur drove many guests to seek refuge from their discomfort. In the basement, the voice of an elderly man sowed confusion and discord. These experiences and more left a lasting impression and affected how she crafts the unsettling elements of her stories.Amber drew on her occult heritage to conjure up demons, ghosts and things that go bump-in-the-night to fill the pages of her imaginary world. Later in life, she drew on the subtleties of human behavior to craft her demons influences and exploring her rules for magic and its effects.She is a lover of modern sorcery, psychological character portrayals, epic battles between good and evil and the huge grey area that separates them.She is writing two non-romantic dark fantasy projects.

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