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Hidden: A Radio Arcanum Novella
Hidden: A Radio Arcanum Novella
Hidden: A Radio Arcanum Novella
Ebook82 pages1 hour

Hidden: A Radio Arcanum Novella

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About this ebook

She's going to have to learn to stay and fight if she wants to protect what she believes in.

Studying for a semester in Costa Rica led clarinetist Tory McRains to stay in the country and make her life there. Things were simpler on her little piece of lowland rain forest with her cabin and playing gigs with her band. Then the Great Dividing occurred and magic was unleashed on the world. Secluded in the rain forest, Tory ended up with enhanced musicianship, a sometimes-sarcastic talking bearded dragon, and membership in a secret amateur radio society designed specifically for supernaturals.

When a stranger approaches her one night after her gig, she learns she's not alone and someone is after her. She'll have to learn to use all the tools at her disposal if she wants to save her rain forest home, because this is one battle where she's not allowed to run.

Release dateSep 25, 2018
Hidden: A Radio Arcanum Novella

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