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Deadly Reflection: Deadly Triad, #1
Deadly Reflection: Deadly Triad, #1
Deadly Reflection: Deadly Triad, #1
Ebook313 pages4 hours

Deadly Reflection: Deadly Triad, #1

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About this ebook

A dead body...
A female suspect...
A detective on vacation.

Can he separate duty from desire? Can she trust his mind-blowing kisses? Or will her unknown past end their future together?

When homicide detective Nick McGraw encounters upscale spa owner Cassi Burke standing over a dead body gripping a bloody knife, Nick's much-needed vacation slams to a halt. Instincts tell the seasoned officer she didn't kill the man at her feet, but he's duty bound to deliver her to local police never suspecting Cassi's brief moment of fame will make her a target.

Cassi denies involvement with the murder, and Nick strives to distance himself from the case, but sizzling attraction between the detective and the suspect escalates, putting their feeling for one another, the ongoing investigation, and the threat to Cassi's life on a collision course.

PublisherNancy Kay
Release dateSep 9, 2018
Deadly Reflection: Deadly Triad, #1

Nancy Kay

Nancy Kay resides near Lake Erie in Western Pennsylvania with her husband, a former member of the Marines and the Pennsylvania State Police Department who provides valuable insight for her stories. Nancy is a long time member of Romance Writers of America. Her stories are set in small towns and inland communities scattered along the shores of the Great Lakes. They focus on romance, intertwined with the love of hearth, home and family, yet sprinkled with suspense, danger and intrigue. Learn more about Nancy at check her out on Facebook and see what Nancy blogs about at:

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