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Geopolitics For Dummies
Geopolitics For Dummies
Geopolitics For Dummies
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Geopolitics For Dummies

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About this ebook

We are at a turning point in history when the US won’t be the superpower anymore. A multi-polar and a multilateral world is emerging -- China is poised to become an economic superpower, and the center of global power will shift to Asia in the coming years. Russia will be stronger than the USSR ever was. And everyone, especially Americans, need to understand how to face this New World Order 2.0.

Geopolitics is more fascinating than any novel or a movie, but unfortunately a vast majority of people stay away from it and the mainstream media reduces it to a Disney version of good versus bad. Geopolitics is a mix of foreign policy, history, geography, culture, economics, wars and more. It involves Machiavellian power struggle as well as cooperative, win-win alliances among nations.

Given the importance of geopolitics, one would assume that in a country like America – a superpower with 800 military bases in 144 countries – people will be extremely interested in the subject. We also spend trillions of dollars on perpetual wars and annual military budgets. However, Americans are awfully apathetic and ignorant about geopolitics.

This book is aimed at revealing the truths about geopolitics, with special emphasis on US foreign policies, in an easy to understand manner. It will introduce the readers to a new paradigm and will help them understand the world events through a lens that’s very different from the mainstream narrative.

PublisherChris Kanthan
Release dateAug 2, 2018
Geopolitics For Dummies

Chris Kanthan

Chris Kanthan is the author of three books and numerous articles on various topics. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, has traveled to more than 35 countries, and deeply cares about politics, world affairs, finance and food. A sample of his works: * Debunking 10 lies about Syria and Assad * Military, Deep State and American Innocence * Syrian War for Dummies - * Syria: The myth of "moderate rebels" - * America is Disneyland - * Understanding America as a System - * America's Crisis - Death of Logic and Objectivity * Iran Protests Through the Prism of Geopolitics * The Rising Chinese Dream * Why the Deep State Hates Putin * 7 Secrets about the World - Revealed through Syrian War: * Pakistan and Afghanistan - Epicenters of Geopolitical Intrigue * Red Pill for Russophobes - Part 1: * Red Pill for Russophobes - Part 2: * Intro to Islam, Salafism & Jihadism - * Manufacturing Dissent - The New Culture War: * Greece Debt Crisis - What You Are Not Being Told: By The Media * Interview about "Deconstructing Monsanto": * How GMO-free Diet Changed My Life: * The Default is Fake Food: * Let's Crowdfund GMO study * March Against Monsanto * About our Fake Economy & Fake Capitalism * GMO Labeling and Prop 37 * Understanding the Troubling Trends in America * Elections in Greece * The Fed's Giant Ponzi Scheme * Why we shouldn't go to war with Syria * Lessons in Economics from Thailand * Crisis in Ukraine: In-depth Discussion * Zombie Economy, Living Bubble * The Vaccine Conundrum * Angelina Jolie's Mastectomy and Media's Lobotomy * Marketing for Activists * Facebook Valuation * Obama's Debate Performance:

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