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Sparks Fly: An F/F Space Romance
Sparks Fly: An F/F Space Romance
Sparks Fly: An F/F Space Romance
Ebook83 pages1 hour

Sparks Fly: An F/F Space Romance

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About this ebook

After twenty-five years of single-minded determination, Marianne Gordon has finally achieved her ambition and been promoted to Principal of the Vesper School for Zero-Gravity Artistic Display.

But her moment of triumph is cut short when she discovers that she must share her position with Josephine Knight, a celebrated zero-gravity performer who doesn’t know the first thing about teaching. Deeply insulted, Marianne does her best to carry on as though Jo isn’t there, but Jo has a way of making her presence felt.

When the future of Marianne’s beloved school is threatened, Jo may be the only person who can help – but only if Marianne can learn to let her in.

Release dateFeb 9, 2018
Sparks Fly: An F/F Space Romance

Llinos Cathryn Thomas

Llinos Cathryn Thomas comes from North Wales and lives in London with her wife and their books. She likes dragons, spaceships and cake. She writes about pretty much those same things.

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