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Necrotic City
Necrotic City
Necrotic City
Ebook453 pages6 hours

Necrotic City

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About this ebook

What would you do if you realized that the laws you enforce do little more than contribute to the suffering of the people you were created to protect?

In a dying city wracked by corruption and civil unrest, Adrian is about to make a discovery that will test his allegiance and alter his life forever. It’s said that every broken world needs a hero. Will this hero wind up as broken as the dying city he’s sworn to protect?

Release dateOct 23, 2017
Necrotic City

Leland Lydecker

Leland Lydecker is a writer, professional driver, and former airline employee. No stranger to the ins and outs of government and corporate corruption, his preferred writing topics are crime, extra-judicial justice, and the future of society. His interests range from the natural world, to space exploration, to technology and medicine with an emphasis on genetic engineering, cybernetics, and artificial intelligence.

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