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As the Crow Flies
As the Crow Flies
As the Crow Flies
Ebook69 pages59 minutes

As the Crow Flies

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About this ebook

Aziru is a mercenary fighting in the Persai army. When the army is routed, the survivors are forced to retreat for home, the enemy close on their heels.

Their flight leads them to the Black Forest. Ten thousand years old and surrounded in superstition, the forest is rumored to be haunted. Legend says, that no one who entered has ever returned.

Caught between two choices, one going ahead, the other turning back, the soldiers must find their resolve and renew their courage. But it is a promise made to an acquaintance that will truly test Aziru’s skill in combat and his ability to keep his word.

“As the Crow Flies” is a sword and sorcery novelette. About 15,000 words long.

Release dateJan 12, 2017
As the Crow Flies

A. R. Williams

A.R. Williams developed a love for reading at a very young age and in the fourth grade, when an assignment to write their own works of fiction was given, it occurred to him that he could craft tales for others to enjoy.A.R. Williams’ work has appeared in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Three Crow Press, and Every Day Fiction. A.R. received an honorable mention in the fourth quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest in 2010.

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