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Penghulu: Cultural Medallion
Penghulu: Cultural Medallion
Penghulu: Cultural Medallion
Ebook260 pages4 hours

Penghulu: Cultural Medallion

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About this ebook

Pak Suleh was the penghulu of Pulau Sebidang, one of the influential village headmen of the islands of the South. Forced to relocate to a small high-rise flat on mainland Singapore, he worries for the future of his family and yearns for his beloved island. A powerful meditation on loss, Penghulu is a portrait of a man struggling to return to his old way of life. But can Pak Suleh thwart the plans of his son-in-law, a newly elected member of parliament from the ruling party? Will the penghulu return to his island?

PublisherEpigram Books
Release dateAug 14, 2016
Penghulu: Cultural Medallion

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