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Ghost Sickness: Mae Martin Mysteries, #5
Ghost Sickness: Mae Martin Mysteries, #5
Ghost Sickness: Mae Martin Mysteries, #5
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Ghost Sickness: Mae Martin Mysteries, #5

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About this ebook

The fifth Mae Martin Psychic Mystery

A visit to the Mescalero Apache reservation turns from vacation to turmoil for Mae Martin.

Reno Geronimo has more money than a starving artist should. He's avoiding his fiancée and his family. His former mentor, nearing the end of her life, refuses to speak to him and no one knows what caused the rift. Distressed and frustrated, Reno's fiancée asks Mae to use her psychic gift to find out what he's hiding. Love and friendship are rocked by conflict as she gets closer and closer to the truth.

The Mae Martin Series

No murder, just mystery. Every life hides a secret, and love is the deepest mystery of all.

PublisherAmber Foxx
Release dateAug 6, 2016
Ghost Sickness: Mae Martin Mysteries, #5
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Amber Foxx

Amber Foxx, author of the award-winning Mae Martin Psychic Mystery Series, has worked professionally in theater, dance, fitness, yoga and academia. She has lived in both the Southeast and the Southwest, and calls New Mexico home.

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