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Scars Do Heal
Scars Do Heal
Scars Do Heal
Ebook335 pages7 hours

Scars Do Heal

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Meet Sonal Kapoor. An entrepreneur who revived a closing florist’s store with her heart and soul, a young lady with a busy life in the heart of London, and a doting daughter who wants to do a lot for her mother, but simply can’t find the time. Sonal has a difficult past – one that she sought to overcome in her move from India to London. And yet, something or the other keeps the trauma alive.
Until Dr. Ryan Percy enters her life.
A chance encounter at their neighbourhood convenience store leads from one thing to the next – and eventually, Sonal is challenged in ways she never thought would be possible. Dr. Percy is everything one can expect in the man of their dreams – and he comes with a painful past, too. There is a piece in the jigsaw of his life that is missing, and he thinks of it as having been found – but whether that piece will sit or not, remains a question.
Does Sonal heal or hurt more? Does Ryan find what he is looking for? Does love conquer all?
PublisherNotion Press
Release dateDec 21, 2015
Scars Do Heal
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