Hidden Illusions: The Hunted, #2
Hidden Illusions: The Hunted, #2
Hidden Illusions: The Hunted, #2
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Hidden Illusions: The Hunted, #2

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She's driven by one purpose.

Janey Jones may have escaped the Hunters, but the scars they inflicted still mark her, inside and out. One goal keeps her moving forward: kill Captain Reed, the man who tortured her, destroyed her Gift, and murdered her mother. She’ll do anything to succeed.

He's seen what blind ambition can do.

Will Brown protects people. First his family, now the people he leads in the Gifted army. He knows what needs to be done to keep everyone safe: destroy the Hunters for good. And that’s exactly what he plans to do. The right way.

But one secret binds them, and its ramifications are explosive.

When Will and Janey are thrown together, they’re forced to put aside their differences for a greater purpose: find a way to stay alive—and salvage the mission to cut the Hunters down, once and for all.

What they uncover will change their lives forever.

Release dateJun 15, 2015
Hidden Illusions: The Hunted, #2
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