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Beneath Foundations for Eternal Life
Beneath Foundations for Eternal Life
Beneath Foundations for Eternal Life
Ebook94 pages59 minutes

Beneath Foundations for Eternal Life

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About this ebook

Does truth exist? What is truth? How can truth be known? Through observation and reason, many aspects of truth can be known. These kinds of truths form the bedrock on which true faith and knowledge can be built. Consider for yourself whether or not you agree that the “truths” discussed in this book are “self-evident”!

This book is divided into three parts:
Part 1: Some Self-Evident Truths.
Part 2: Faith and Science.
Part 3: God Revealed.

Part 1 focuses on self-evident truths which are important in understanding matters of faith as well as life in general.
Part 2 deals with the tension between faith and science, and how the two can be understood so that they don’t conflict with each other.
Part 3 presents how some aspects of God’s character are self-evident from what God has made, and how we can learn from other people about God.

Come and explore truth!

PublisherThomas Edel
Release dateApr 3, 2015
Beneath Foundations for Eternal Life

Thomas Edel

Thomas is the Author of "Foundations for Eternal Life," "Beneath Foundations for Eternal Life," and "Building on Foundations for Eternal Life." He lives in the Pacific Northwest (USA) with his wife Carol. He is, and always will be, the proud papa of Jeanette, Matt, and Josh. He enjoys spending his free time hiking, camping, reading about spiritual things, and writing books about spiritual things.

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