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The Operator (Bruce and Bennett Crime Thriller 2)
The Operator (Bruce and Bennett Crime Thriller 2)
The Operator (Bruce and Bennett Crime Thriller 2)
Ebook406 pages6 hours

The Operator (Bruce and Bennett Crime Thriller 2)

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook


 ‘Gripping from the very first scene.’ Ann Cleeves, award-winning author of  TV’s ‘Vera’ and ‘Shetland’ novels.

'Intelligent, dark and shot through with sly comedy, Valerie Laws is one of those writers who consistently satisfies.' Alex Marwood, best-selling author of The Wicked Girls

‘A terrific book, a very creepy, very haunting mystery tale. THE OPERATOR does for the doctor what JAWS did for the beach. You’re warned!’ Phoef Sutton, writer/producer of TV’s Cheers and Boston Legal, crime writer


‘Now, this WILL hurt...’  In the second Erica Bruce and Will Bennett mystery, a sadistic orthopaedic surgeon is bizarrely killed. Soon it appears someone’s giving doctors a taste of their own medicine - murdering surgeons and mutilating the bodies to mimic the operations they perform. The media dub the killer ‘The Operator’. This action-packed thriller reunites Erica Bruce, small but fierce alternative health therapist and journalist, with tall, dark, athletic Detective Inspector Will Bennett, full-on sceptic. With its medical theme it is a shade darker than THE ROTTING SPOT, but with lots of witty Tyneside banter from shamelessly excess-loving Stacey Reed. The setting is the North East coast of England: historic castles and rural beauty mixing with louche seafront winebars, from the lighthouse at Wydsand to the mouth of the River Tyne itself, venue of a dramatic set piece where the mighty, hostile North Sea tests Erica to the limit. 

PublisherValerie Laws
Release dateMar 16, 2015
The Operator (Bruce and Bennett Crime Thriller 2)
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Valerie Laws

Valerie Laws is a crime novelist, poet, playwright, mathematician/physicist, and sci-art installation specialist. She is Writer in Residence with pathologists, anatomists and neuroscientists researching death and the brain. Of her thirteen published books, several are available as ebooks: her two crime thrillers THE ROTTING SPOT (‘a darkly intriguing debut’ Val McDermid), sequel THE OPERATOR (‘Gripping from the very first scene,’ Ann Cleeves), her ‘CSI:Poetry’ collection ALL THAT LIVES and her comedy Jane Austen novel LYDIA BENNET’S BLOG. More to follow! Valerie performs worldwide live and in the media, and is world-infamous for spray-painting poetry on live sheep to celebrate quantum theory in QUANTUM SHEEP. She has written 12 plays for stage and BBC radio, and her science-themed poetry art installations have been exhibited internationally and featured on BBC TV. She lives on her native Northumbrian coast. She is disabled, and a fanatical swimmer.

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