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Baelfleur: Downside, #2
Baelfleur: Downside, #2
Baelfleur: Downside, #2
Ebook304 pages6 hours

Baelfleur: Downside, #2

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About this ebook

The sequel to Downside Rain:

Two wraiths and a ghost accept a commission to deliver a message to the faceless thief who is stealing Downside’s treasures. Their journey takes them Far North to a cold, inhospitable land where humans rule and other races are shunned.

Meanwhile, a once powerful man is betrayed and his life is forfeit. With the dark angel dead, no one can help Alain Sauvageau. He is human now and only human skills can save him.

As Alain fights for his life, Rain, River and Castle close in on the thief only to discover there is more to his story than they were told. Someone will do anything to stop them finding him. But their new ally, a human Northern girl, may just tip the scales.

Release dateNov 18, 2014
Baelfleur: Downside, #2
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